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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Januay 1 2008 Polar Bear Swim: Does It Count?

The voting on when the first Open Water Swim of 2008 would take place -- January, April, May or June 2008 -- closed at one minute after Midnight on January 1st, 2008. And January received the most votes (6) with May (5) and June (4) not far behind. April only received 3 votes out of the 18 total votes cast. Thank you all for participating. The question now is -- Is January really the Winning Month?

Harry says "Yes!" as he "claims" to have done his usual New Year's Day Polar Bear Swim. I have yet to see a photo (hence the cartoon above). Also, and even more important, what really constitutes "the first Open Water Swim of 2008"?

Is it a jump in the water and get all wet? OR, Do you actually have to swim? And if so, how far do you have to swim?

Since we are the Huntington Master's Swim Team -- I think that it is fairly obvious that "to win" you have to swim and at least swim 100 yards or more. Harry said that he did BUT Rich, an eyewitness, disputes that claim. So for the time being, we await additional proof. January could still be the "winning" month as Rob is considering an Open Water Swim -- bum shoulder or not! Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Rob wrote the following email after the blog story above was posted:

"For those interested ( I KNOW Harry is ), I will be doing my annual Dec swim in January this year ( moved due to injury ).

If other people would like to join I will be doing a few hundred yard swim at West Neck beach on Sat morning, 9am. The outdoor temp is 45F so expecting the water and air temp to be close together.

We need to ready ourselves for the coming May OWS season's opening swim now ! :)"

The gauntlet has been thrown -- who will show up... even just to watch and witness?

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