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Saturday, January 05, 2008

January 5, 2008: Rob Does His Open Water Swim Off West Neck "Ice" Beach

Rob told me he was going in at 9AM and boy was he prompt! I got there just a few minutes late and was able to see him swimming back towards shore as I was driving up. I was only able to get these "after swim" pictures but Rob's son was there "clicking away" so as soon as Rob manages to thaw out and email me the "action" swim shots, they will be posted to for all to marvel at! (Editor's note: the first 4 pictures below have been supplied by Rob who has finally thawed out.)

And marvel you should as there was ice in the water -- not just a little but a lot. And don't forget, Cold Spring Harbor / Bay is salt water not fresh so the freezing point is even lower than 32 degrees. It was COLD with a capital "C"!

Swimming out -- but not to far as there were no lifeguards on duty...

Swimming back -- time to pick up the pace!

Do you blame him for looking like he was having trouble breathing -- he was walking and swimming through ice. Some 24 hours after this picture was taking, Rob said of his record-breaking January 5th, 2008 Open Water Swim: "its the coldest I have ever ever swum. No numbing. Just knives into my face and hands." We can all believe that understatement!

Bundle me up, bundle me up!

Bundle this swimmer up quickly -- though with an air temperature around 34 degrees it might have actually been warmer on the beach than in the water. Rob was expecting a water temperature of around 45 degrees but the 12 degree cold snap we just went through caused enough icing in the bay to really lower the surface water temperature. On Sunday, the day after his swim Rob emailed me the following: "I measured the surface temp and it was in the 20's" WOW!

Below is a close-up view of the slushy ice mix that Rob swam through! Congratulations to Rob and all those who backed Rob and Harry by voting January as the first date for Open Water Swimming in 2008. Better you guys than me!

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