Huntington Masters Swim Team

The Huntington Masters Swim Team ("HUMS"), an official club of US Masters Swimming, holds daily early-morning pool workouts year-round at the Huntington YMCA, 60 Main Street, Huntington (contact the Y at 631-421-4242 for Full Y membership fee information).

Indoor Pool Workouts in one of the Y’s two 25-yard pools begin at 5:30 a.m. weekdays and 7:00 a.m. weekends and last one to two hours. These workouts are open to all Full Y members.

Open-Water Swims are held from May to November at West Neck Beach and other local Long Island beaches. Outdoor swim schedules are posted on The Water-Blog.

Want to swim for the Home Team? You can! Join HUMS at

Monday, April 26, 2010

"Secret" Graduation Photo of Bob Miller In Officer Candidate School (OCS) Revealed

OK, OK. This could be a hoax BUT it sure looks like Bob Miller. And since Bob was in the Coast Guard and was an officer, this could be the genuine article. Does anyone remember what OCS uniforms looked like 40 years ago? Where they really this "Buck Rogerish"? And if that is Bob -- is that Patty? And why is she so short? Maybe it's Bob's boots -- hard to tell in this picture!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Huntington Master's Swim Team T-Shirt Now Worn 'Round-The-World

Yes, that is the now infamous Huntington Masters Swim Team T-Shirt Tom is wearing atop that happy camel. When pressed to divulge his and Judy's location where this photo was taken, all Tom would say was that they were "about 50 or 60 miles from the Pakistan border". He failed to mention which side of the border they were on! We''ll leave that speculation for another day, another time, another story in the continuing adventure of agent Tom... ooops, we may have revealed too much already!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Does working out really help you lose weight — or keep it off?

Weighing the Evidence on Exercise
Published: April 12, 2010 in the New York Times

CLICK HERE to go to the article! and find out if working out really helps you lose weight — and/or keep it off? And, is there a difference between men and women working out and losing weight. Sometimes, life isn't fair!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

TRI / Masters Swim Meet: April 18, 2010, Huntington YMCA

Sunday, 7:30AM, April 18, 2010, Norton Pool, Huntington YMCA, Huntington, NY and the 5th Annual Tri / Masters Swim Meet and clash of the ORANGE vs the GREEN is about to get underway...

First, the Refs, Timers, Starters and assorted Coaches stop to debate the rules.

Then, there is time for warmups and practice starts -- with a little last minute "block-start" coaching from Sal (who actually looks a bit awe struck by this fancy multicolor bathing suit!).

OK... that's a good practice start. Now all you have to do is repeat this under real race conditions -- like people on the block next to you, butterflies in you stomach and Arthur handling the starting gun!

OK, OK. Let me practice this one more time. Gun Goes Off... Start Watch. Swimmer swims race, Stop Watch. Hey, maybe that's why they call it a "Stop Watch"

The races are over and the results are posted. ORANGE Team: 119 Points. GREEN Team: 93 Points. ORANGE Team wins the 2010 dual meet. Will GREEN come back in 2011? Maybe!

Friday, April 09, 2010

The Huntington YMCA is Offering a YOUTH TRIATHLON TRAINING PROGRAM for Kids Ages 12 to 14!

This innovative 9 week program is designed to introduce boys and girls ages 12-14 to the sport of triathlon. It will be held at the Huntington YMCA, 60 Main Street, Huntington, NY 11743. Top triathletes and coaches will provide instruction on basic swimming, cycling and running techniques, bicycle safety and maintenance, transition and nutrition. The program will conclude with an Indoor Triathlon.

Minimum eligibility requirement: Participants must be able to swim one lap of the pool (25 Yards). NOTE: There is No fee for the program and No membership is necessary HOWEVER, Registration is required as Space is limited.

Head Coach: Nancy Lipira. Additional adult volunteers always welcome please contact Nancy.

For more information contact Tina Graziose, Huntington YMCA Health Enhancement Director at 631 421-4242 ext: 133

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Results of March 21, 2010 Masters Swim Meet at C.W. Post (Short Course Yards)

Rob Todd:
200 free 1st 2:13.17
50 br 3rd 39.23
100 br 3rd 1:16.78
100 IM 1st 1:09.66

Rob Martell:
50 br 1st 31.33
100 br 1st 1:10.36

Ken Longo:
50 fr 1st 25.45
50 bk 1st 28.87
100 bk DQ*

*Now, here's the story on Ken's DQ as related by Ken himself on April 7, 2010: "I jumped the gun, looking for that tenth-of-a-second edge. Instead of an edge, I got DQ'd!" After the DQ which happened even BEFORE the starters gun went off... Ken hopped out of the pool so the DQ in the 100 Back was also a DNF.

Ken decided since he was DQ'd not to swim the 100 but to save himself for the other two races. And, based on his times above, that was a pretty good decision! Our congratulations to all 3 Huntington area swimmers for their results at this CW Post meet.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Saturday Morning Work On the YMCA Driveway

The new water pipe is in and now it's time to fix the driveway. So, the Y wasted no time and on a bright, blue, sunny Saturday morning, (April 3, 2010), the equipment was working so fast that they seemed near to crashing together... but it was actually a planned move to remove all the old asphalt roadway in preparation for the new one to come! Yes... starting next week, (we hope), no more long walk, no more dirt encrusted sneakers!

Have a great Easter and we'll see you in the pool on Monday . (The Y is closed for Easter Sunday.)

Friday, April 02, 2010

You Can't Park Here Today!

April 2, 2010: Huntington YMCA Parking Lot Driveway, Huntington, NY.
Unless you arrived on a Dirt-Bike this morning you found it impossible to park in the Y parking lot but BOTH pools were running full blast and so were the swimmers who walked their way to the pool.
Dig We Must for a better Y!