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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tobay Tri and Tri-Relay Individual and Team Results - August 24, 2008

Name Place o/a Place age group Time

Harry Slutter 19 1/93 1:06:39

   Harry was also 3rd in Male Masters Division

Don Bond 52 4/64 1:11:15

Greg Linakis 53 5/115 1:11:21

Rich Young 93 13/93 1:14:54

Lynn Perzeszty 107 1/42 1:15:46

   Lynn was also 1st in Female Masters Division

Karen Farrell 110 2/59 1:16:02

   Karen was also 2nd in Female Masters Division

Steve Uresk 136 18/115 1:17:24

Nancy Aboff 163 4/42 1:18:28

Brett Emsden 165 28/110 1:18:34

Steve Kristel 216 18/64 1:20:45

Dawn Desimone 222 5/59 1:20:54

Joe Conklin 318 46/115 1:24:27

Heather McCormack 369 11/56 1:26:38

Meredith Emsden 386 13/56 1:27:03

Jim Imhof 487 26/64 1:30:10

Michele Kata 511 15/59 1:31:02

Julio Velez 611 22/45 1:34:20

Victor Rivas 542 86/110 1:35:28

Tom Sherman 730 90/115 1:38:21

Joe Pangia 755 93/115 1:39:04

Horst Rhein 779 2/3 1:40:14

Peggy McGill 806 22/31 1:41:33

Yolanda Velez 905 9/19 1:46:18

Dawn Flower 911 41/56 1:46:40

Pat McCourt 1050 34/35 1:55:55

Joan Addabo 1051 26/31 1:55:57


Donna DeSousa 4 1/6 1:07:00

Roger Levin 7 3/10 1:08:30

Bob Miller, 10 1/12 1:10:53

Jim Deegan,

Elizabeth Perlstein

Lisa Kristel 16 3/6 1:13:17

Lori Haubrich

Ken Longo 20 4/10 1:14:22

Frank Fiore

Rob Martell

Mike Engel 24 1/1 1:17:57

Don Gavin

Ellie Gavin

Mia Levin 48 7/14 1:31:24

Steve Albright 56 16/22 1:35:40

Mike Edebohls 61 9/9 1:37:23

Jeanine Kata 69 19/22 1:44:42

Thanks to Bob Miller for compiling this information. Bob wrote: "Hopefully, I didn't leave anyone off the list.  Congratulations to all for a great race and another great day! See you all in the pool on the 8th!"

Friday, August 29, 2008

Jelly Fish Goes Sailing

Jelly Fish -- after a very disappointing showing in the Tobay Tri (see story and pictures below) -- decides to go sailing and sets his sights on viewing the famous Huntington Lighthouse. To make sure he can find it, he carefully plots his route. No haphazard sailor our Jelly Fish!

"What a grand view of all the boats in Huntington Harbor" declares Jelly "and, its a lot safer up here on deck than down in the water with all those nasty propellers!"

Time to man the tiller and get this sailing adventure on the way!

"Whew" says Jelly, "Sailing is hard work! It must be time for a beer break!"

"Look, there it is! The Huntington Lighthouse which was originally built in 1857 on the tip of Lloyd's Neck to assist ships in finding shelter" exclaims Jelly. And you thought he wouldn't be able to find. Not only did he find it, he knew more about it than you probably did! It just goes to show you -- you can't underestimate Jelly Fish.

Well, that was a great trip. Now its time for Jelly to man the ropes and head this sailing ship back home.

"All in all" Jelly says, "it was a really relaxing day. And I needed it after that un-called for DQ in the Tobay Triathlon." 

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jelly Fish Gets DQ’d at the Toby Triathlon. His Un-Sportsman-Like Action Was a BIG Disappointment To All His Fans

At first, it was all smiles when Jelly Fish was invited to join the Runner's Edge Team. It was, you know, a dream of Jelly's to Swim, Bike and Run with the best. Perhaps that was the real problem -- the pressure to be the best, just got to Jelly and he snapped -- at least as much as "Jelly" can "snap". It is probably more correct to say that Jelly "bent" under the pressure and was DQ'd when ...

That's right, believe it or not, and you have to believe it as the photo below clearly shows, our beloved Jelly Fish -- caught red-tentacled attempting to ride a souped-up, green Kawasaki in the Bike portion of the Tobay Tri. Race officials dashed in, stopped the bike and pulled Jelly off his Kawasaki before anyone was injured. One bystander reported hearing Jelly mutter, "I didn't hurt anybody in the Swim did I?"

After the "Bike Mis-Understanding" as Jelly would later call it, he was seen at various spots around the area...

Jelly Fish gazes longingly at the trophy he was no longer eligible for...

Jelly Fish drowns his sorrow and shame in a frosty Blue Point and declares it his new "very favorite beverage!".

Jelly watches, (with anger? with sadness??), as the triathletes on line get their printed results -- results that he'll never see in 2008. The lyrics of Billy Joel's hit song "Pressure" repeating over and over in his mind.
"You have to learn to pace yourself... PRESSURE... You're just like everybody else... (EDITORS NOTE: Jelly, You are NOT like everybody else), PRESSURE... You've only had to run so far, so good... But you will come to a place... Where the only thing you feel... Are loaded guns in your face... And you'll have to deal with... PRESSURE"
And, when the PRESSURE gets too much, what does Jelly Fish do? He waits in the Porta Potty line just like everybody else! Go Jelly Go -- we await your next big adventure.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Pictures from the Tobay Triathlon: Sunday August 24, 2008

Video from Tobay Tri is above -- it can be also found on YouTube. Still pictures are below. Great job by all...

For some people, one award is just NOT enough!

Bully job lads... just Bully! Charge!

Rich, we would have believed you. Honest!

Can you spot Jelly in the picture below? Is he trying to join another team for 2009 or is he just looking to get some more Blue Point beer?

Now that's the look of a happy winner! Way to go Frank!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jelly Fish Joins Huntington Master's Swimmers For a Pool Workout

If you've been wondering where all the jellyfish have gone, (remember the Jellyfish Invasion just a few weeks back?), we can tell you where one has gone -- meet our newest Huntington Master's Swim Team and Huntington YMCA Pool swimmer -- "Jelly" Fish.

"Hey, these goggles just make everything blurry!"

"Ahhh, that's much better. Now I can do a kick set -- and with all my legs I really need a good, long kick set."

"Whew, that Kick Set tired me out. I think that I'll go rest on the bottom of the pool."

"Hey Buddy stay out of my lane! Didn't you human swimmers learn anything during those open water swims about getting to close to a jelly fish?"

Based on Jelly Fish's attitude towards his fellow swimmers, I hope that this will be the last we see of him in the Huntington Y Pool.