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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bob's stitched up shoulder

I Finally heard from Bob this morning and he is back on line -- so you can expect to start receiving emails from Bob any time now! Bob wrote: "here is a shot of yours truly with all of the stitches...actually, there were 4 holes".

The following note was in a Sunday afternoon email from Bob:

"A quick note to all of my friends & family...I was operated on this past Tuesday and all went well. The doctor said it went better than expected and that the damage, though bad, wasn't as bad as the MRI showed. I am even able to shave with my right hand now. I drove down to the Y today (stayed out of the water, though). It felt good to drive and to get out of the house. I plan to work a little bit this week, but mainly aim to take it easy and let it heal for a while.

Thanks to all for the presents, cards, calls, e-mails, etc. Sorry about this group note, but, typing, while doable, is still a pain...get it, pain? haha. I just wanted to give all an update. My family has been great (as's nice to have daughters).

Anyway, hope to see you all at the pool this week, where I'll be walking. The stitches are coming out Thursday and then I start PT. Plan to do the 200 fly again at a meet this spring."

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Jones Beach Tri

Calm water equals a fast swim!

Game Face Before the Race

7:30 AM Saturday, October 1, 2005. It's getting about time to be serious and Jim has his Game Face on! And it worked -- Jim finished in 1:31:08 with a Swim time of 12:18.

Mike's running(???) out of the water!

An "action" shot of your blogmeister, (Mike), more or less running out of the water and on his way to the transition area. Some of us would find it much more convenient to actually swim the whole way! My thanks to Yolie for handling the camera duties at this point. Mike's Swim Time was 11:16

Ellie's on the run

The fact that Ellie and I are on the same team has NOTHING whatsover to do with the fact that I got one of those "action" shots of her. On the other hand it probably didn't hurt either. Note that there are no "action" shots of Don -- or any other biker for that matter -- you guys just go to fast!

Team Runner's Edge

Was I the only one at Jones Beach who didn't have a Team Runner's Edge shirt?

Time for some awards!

The audience was pretty big but it was nowhere near as crowded and rough as it was going around that first turn, (white buoy), during the swim. BTW, can you spot Yolie in the crowd clapping for Scott as he walks up to collect his well deserved award.

Overall Top Ten

Can you spot our overall Top Ten Winners?

Scott's on the podium at Jones Beach

Just about 24 hours BEFORE this picture was taken of Scott on the podium at Jones Beach picking up his 2nd OVERALL, we were swiming some easy laps at the Huntington Y, (no sense racing if you can't taper!), and Scott told me that he had been sick the whole week. Well, if getting sick just before a race will get you a 2nd place overall out of about 500 -- then pass on the germs!

Scott's Time: 1:04:03 (Swim time: 8:44)

Don takes a Second

October 1, 2005 and Don takes a 2nd place in his age group at the Jones Beach Tri. Don's Time: 1:09.32 (Swim time: 11:03)

Lynn: Top Ten Overall / Jones Beach 2005

Who's that hiding behind those Foster Grants? Why it's our good friend Lynn with a Top Ten Overall Finish! Lynn was 8th out of 133 female finishers in a time of 1:14.42 and a Swim Time of 10:44.

3rd Place Mixed Relay: Jones Beach 2005

Mike, Ellie and Don are happy with the day, the results and their third place finish (out of 14 teams) at the 2005 Jones Beach Tri. Team Time was 1:15.40