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The Huntington Masters Swim Team ("HUMS"), an official club of US Masters Swimming, holds daily early-morning pool workouts year-round at the Huntington YMCA, 60 Main Street, Huntington (contact the Y at 631-421-4242 for Full Y membership fee information).

Indoor Pool Workouts in one of the Y’s two 25-yard pools begin at 5:30 a.m. weekdays and 7:00 a.m. weekends and last one to two hours. These workouts are open to all Full Y members.

Open-Water Swims are held from May to November at West Neck Beach and other local Long Island beaches. Outdoor swim schedules are posted on The Water-Blog.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Results of 2010 Cow Harbor 10K 9-25-2010

All right, all right. We all know that it's not a 10K Swim but it is a 10K and it is in Northport, and it is right near the water. I figure thats close enough!

Name                               Overall            Age Group                   Time
Todd Rowley                        61                        6                         38:43
Rich Delasota                       64                        1                         38:55
Mike Bosclair                        83                        9                         40:35
Steve Uresk                          85                        9                         40:43
Steve Schmidt                      95                       10                        41:06
Carl Reinesch                     173                       16                        43:32
Louis Carminati                   265                       19                        45:21
Liz Perlstein                         526                       21                        48:14
Mike Edebohls                     792                       94                        50:25
Frank Andriza                      954                      123                      51:36
Eileen Knauer                    1227                        10                        53:29
Susan McKane                  1983                        64                       57:53
Liz Donroe                          2080                        67                       58:21
Lisa Lamorte                       2152                        39                        58:45
Evelyn Cruise                     2239                      109                       59:11
Andrea O’Brien                   2744                      169                     1:02:01
Joanna Grossman              2997                      197                     1:03:32                       
Janette Newell                    3931                        45                       1:11:05
Doug Dougherty                 3949                       380                      1:11:23
Amy Girimonti                      3981                       294                      1:11:4                         

Sunday, September 26, 2010

More September 2010 Race Results including: Mighty Hamptons Tri and the Toughman Tri

Results of Mighty Hamptons Triathlon    9-12-2010
Name                                                            Time                                                Place
Brett Emsden                                           2:34:50                                      97th
Mike Olsen                                                2:39:53                                    153rd
Tony Santomauro                                    2:42:52                                    189th
Joe Conklin                                               2:46:44                                    254th
Dawn Desimone                                       3:05:41                                    536th
Bernadette Olsen                                     3:26:35                                    712th
Renate Rhein                                            4:10:03                                    853rd

Toughman Triathlon   9-12-2010
Name                                                Overall            Age group                        Time
Todd Rowley                                   31st                        8th                                    4:48:20
Kaitlyn Robinson                          272nd                      7th                                    5:48:57
Andrea O’Brien                              410th                       14th                                    6:23:58

SheRox Tri   Asbury Park, NJ  
Denise Tirino                        1:24:03            25th A/G                        275th O/A

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Y Parking Lot Construction In The Dark of an Early Thursday Morning

See, the Huntington Y Parking Lot lights are working! Good luck parking there unless, of course, you're driving a Caterpillar Construction Vehicle.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Construction Continues at the Huntington Y: Especially the Parking Lots

It was a sunny September morning -- Wednesday, September 22, 2010 -- and construction was in full swing both inside and outside the Huntington YMCA. Our temporary parking lots gave us a little bit of an extra workout but when you're swimming 2,000, 3,000, or 4,000 yards on any given day, (plus some weight room work), you really can't complain about an extra 100 yard walk to your car!

The light poles are up -- and they already work. Something we'll really appreciate when the days get shorter and shorter!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Results of Tobay Tri and Tri Relay August 29, 2010

Name Place (age group) Time
Scott Kessler 2nd (8th overall) 1:02:19
Todd Rowley 3rd (12th overall) 1:02:45
Joanna Grossman 1st (Athena) 1:28:11
Matt Graziose 5th 1:11:18
Rocky Graziose 6th 1:11:21
Kaitlin Robinson 2nd 1:13:54
Mike Roux 4th 1:10:41
Brett Emsden 5th 1:10:45
Eric Fehrenbacker 6th 1:10:51
Evelyn Cruise 26th 1:31:40
Lisa Valentine 2nd 1:17:22
Sue McKane 19th 1:31:02
Tina Graziose 21st 1:31:31
Mike Olsen 19th 1:13:55
Carl Reinesch 22nd 1:15:15
Ken Larsen 24th 1:15:51

Karl Bourke, 92nd   1:38:54
Harry Slutter, 3rd, 1:06:54
Rich Delasota, 13th, 1:12:29
Mike Smith,  25th,  1:20:26
Janet Seals,  4th , 1:25:11

Teams:                           Division place                  Time
Rob Todd                           2nd                                    58:58

Bob Miller                          3rd                                    1:08:08
Liz Pearlstein
Jimmy Deegan

Lakshmi Alagappan      13th                                    1”58:21

Is This the Last of the Ocean Pictures for 2010?

Thanks to Bob Miller for sending what very well may be the last Ocean Swim pictures of 2010! In a few short months, we'll be looking back on these warm summer swims of 2010 and wishing for the Summer of 2011 to arrive!

As usual, "clicking" on an individual picture will bring it up in a larger form. Then just hit your browsers back button to return here.

NEW 7,500 Sq Foot Huntington Y Fitness Center is Officially Open!

There was no marching band at 5AM this morning -- Monday, September 13, 2010 -- but there were a bunch of balloons and friendly Welcome Sign at the entrance to our brand new 7,500 square foot Fitness Center. Our Swim Caps are off to all the people who worked so hard to make this day a reality. Come on Huntington... you've got no more excuses -- it's time to get in shape and the Y's got just the place for it!

Louie gave me a great "Thumbs-Up" -- I messed it up by shaking the camera!

Check out the video "tour" below!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Landscaping at the Huntington Y: 48 Hours to the Grand Opening

Top image is from work being done on Friday morning -- September 10, 2010 and pictures below are from Saturday morning -- it almost looks like those trees are growing right before our very eyes! Is it TLC or Miracle Grow?

Whatever it takes... we'll use it because there's LESS THAN 48 Hours to the Official Monday Morning Opening. FYI, there is a rumor floating around, ("floating" -- a little pool humor), that we will need our Y ID Cards for entry into the new 7,500 square foot Fitness Center so be sure to bring your ID Card with you on Monday morning!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Huntington Y Progress Report: One Big Pile of Dirt -- GONE!

Remember that BIG pile of dirt that was blocking your view of the new expansion at the Huntington YMCA as late as Wednesday, September 8, 2010? Well, under a bright blue September 9th sky that BIG pile of dirt was no more!

Progress is coming in leaps and bounds as we head to the Y's grand re-opening on Monday, September 13, 2010. Even better, rumor has it that the ALBICOCCO Pool will be opening at 5:30AM -- great news for swimmers who are working in the city. No more excuses! You'll have time to swim and still catch the train!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Sneak Peek At The NEW Huntington Y Strength Training Center

Starting next week, you'll be walking down these stairs and into a whole new world of Strength Training and Cardio Fitness at the Huntington Y. Work is going on virtually non-stop to be ready for the Grand Opening at 5AM on Monday, September 13, 2010.

There is sooo much room in this 7,500 square foot facility that we even have a roomy reception desk!

Some equiptment is already in... more is to be put together!

There is even a HydroMassage table -- don't ask, I don't know what it is but look forward to finding out. How bad could it be with the word "Hydro" in it!

Just a few short days to go. In the meantime, see you in the pool!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Images From the 2010 Tobay Triathlon

Special thanks to Pat Miller for not only taking these photos from the 2010 Tobay Triathlon but also for taking the time to actually send them to me! That's a not so subtle hint to the rest of you who are sitting on a "goldmine" of swim and tri photos that deserve to see the light of the blog! So get out those digital cameras -- or just your phone -- and "click" away. Speaking of "clicks", don't forget that in most cases, "clicking" on an individual picture will make it bigger and easier to view.

Earl Did Generate Some BIG Long Island Waves

Thanks to Sal for sending this picture!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sprucing Up the Y Pool For the Fall Swim Season

Actually, there's a LOT of "sprucing-up" going on at the Huntington Y! In fact, with all this "sprucing-up" going on, CLAUSTROPHOBIA may be setting in at the Front Desk as due to construction needs, our once spacious front desk area has been reduced to the postage-stamp size you see below. Fear not, as things will be back to normal very soon -- perhaps even better than normal!

Part of the new roadway is seen in the picture below... with much more paving to come!

Speaking of "Sprucing-Up" the pool, I managed to catch Bob hard at work though he did take a minute to walk over and say "hello". Thanks Bob -- those lane lanes are looking real straight!

The pool looks a LOT bigger, (to say nothing of dryer), without the water.