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Friday, November 29, 2013

100 Hundreds (10,000 yards) Friday Morning AFTER Thanksgiving (November 29, 2013)

The picture above and below was before a single lap had been swum! 

What started out as a "joke" about 6 weeks ago when someone said, "Let's swim One Hundred 100's by Thanksgiving". Which, of course meant swimming them in a single morning workout -- not 20 or 30 100's on a Tuesday and then another 20 or 30 the next day etc. etc. No, these One Hundred 100's had to be swum all at once and at a reasonable interval. No two minute intervals for the Huntington Masters Swimmers! 

The warm-up and warm-down interval was 1:45 and all the rest were split between 1:40, 1:35 and 1:30 intervals. With a break at 5,000 yards for some much needed nourishment. Sal, John and Paul (pictured above) were the the only swimmers to make the 10,000 yard mark this morning -- maybe they had the least amount of stuffing last night!

The swim started around 5:40AM and lasted a little past 8AM leaving plenty of time for Black Friday Shopping! And yes, we'll all be back in the pool tomorrow though probably not for another 10,000 yard workout!

Todd, pictured above on the left and below splashing his way to the wall, gets a pass for not doing the full 10,000 as he ran the Thanksgiving Day 5K yesterday AND, ran it in a personal best for the course.

John is coming into the wall in the picture above and getting ready to kick off behind Sal in the photo below while Paul and Joe line up waiting their turn at the start of yet another 100. Those pesky 100's kept coming around faster and faster it seemed.

Halfway mark, (5,000 yards), in picture above and the boys are still smiling

Three of the girls, Katie, Nancy and Margot take a short break. 

We even had a husband and wife team -- Tim above and Erin in the photo below. 

The doctor is in and swimming. Nice hand position off the wall too!

Above: the group lines up to start ANOTHER 100. But we are getting close to the end. Erin, (Below) shows good form off the wall if you don't notice how high her head is... though sometimes we actually do have to look up and make sure we are not going to run into the feet in front of us! (So Erin gets a pass on the elevated head position!)

It's over! 10,000 yards -- One Hundred 100's is in the record book. ABOVE: Sal still has enough energy to celebrate while Paval and Don look on. BELOW: John, Sal and Paul are still smiling! Way to go guys. What's next?

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