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Sunday, June 13, 2010

News From The WaterBlog June 12th & 13th Open Water Swims

Some great reporting is being done by Carol on her new blog: TheWater-Blog. Carol's reports are also going out via email and the feedback via "reply-to-all" has been tremendous. Here's a sampling from this weekend:

Cold Spring Harbor must be caught in some kind of weird time warp, because despite the fast-approaching summer season the water just keeps getting colder instead of warmer! It felt colder today than yesterday, and yesterday was colder than the day before....By next week, we'll probably be seeing icefloes again! Still, we had a gorgeous swim out to the buoy, assisted by an incoming tide and occasional encouraging winks from the sun through an otherwise cloud-laden sky. It wasn't too cold for a langorous buoy-side floating coffee klatch (without the coffee, of course), before we all headed back to the beach to make plans to do it all again soon! It's rumored there's a group going out tomorrow (Monday), and (weather permitting) we can probably count on Wednesday and Friday swims as well (at least). Weekday swims are usually at 6:15 (we've been pretty successful at getting the gate opened early for us), and Saturday and Sunday we swim at 8:00, unless you like getting up early on weekends, in which case you can join Rob and his cohort at 7:00! See you out there -- Carol

it really was a great swim. I feel so lucky to have found you all and to be inspired by you. gae

Despite the very chilly temp I was still comfortable in my "shortie" once we got moving. Definetely another really nice swim. Carol, I am so glad that you encouraged me to join the group & I plan to join you for every weekend swim that my shedule permits. Have a good week everyone! Tommy

Reading Carol's " swim of the day" and the reply's make it equally enjoyable. Regardng a monday swim, I'm assuming chris v will be anxious to get into the water since he missed the weekend. He will probably persuade tim to join of which they know where to get a couple of hot cups of coffee. With that said, monday still on hold until I get some feedback. Quite frankly, this old body could use the day off. Until we swim again! Ken

Sans wetsuit is very chilly and definitely worse than yesterday if anyone was thinking about giving it a shot. we are back to late May and its fallen to high 50s again. As long as one does not stop it was a wonderful swim for us early pod people. Rob

Rob, I'm impressed. That water temperature was hard core and something "survivor man" would have choked on. It was quite comfortable (temperature wise) in the suit though.In fact we even had a long chat session at the buoy in the second pod swim! Ken and I discussed how OW swims give you the opportunity to hone technique without having it interrupted by a flip turn. I experimented with head position, hip rotation, front quadrant hand entry and glide and early vertical forearm to get that "swimming down hill" feeling (you know, just like Grant Hacket.....yea right). Once you get the stroke set up you ramp your effort up to threshold pace.......quite exhilarating! When the water gets warmer I think it would be a good idea to look at the "pods (those who want it)" stroke mechanics in the swim area before heading out and give some things to focus on for the swims. Maybe we can do it like one Saturday (or Sunday) a month. Rob T.

I really missed swimming with all of you today (except for the part about the cold water), but I had to do the mommy thing and watch my son get a Cub Scout medal at church. As that was way too much goody-two shoes nonsense for one day, I’m hoping to park illegally, jump a locked gate and swim outside the lines without a lifeguard real soon. Let me know if any 6:15 swims are in the offing this week. Yours in anarchy, Margot

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