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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Water-Log: Open Water Swim Season Set for Memorial Day Weekend Kick-Off

From Carol Moore:

Well, "Saltines" (as opposed to "Chlorines"), it seems that a fair number of you have expressed interest in braving the still-frigid waters of Cold Spring Harbor to open the Open-Water Swimming Season on Memorial Day Weekend, so it's official! Weather permitting (that means it's not snowing or raining), the West Neck Pod will be kicking it off on Saturday, May 29th at 8:00 a.m. at West Neck Beach, with a repeat performance for those who are interested (and survive!) on Sunday, May 30th, at the same time (it will be an incoming low tide both days).

Note that Rob Martell (who hails from Canada, which is in a different time zone), is planning on jumping into the water at 7:00 a.m., and invites the early birds among you to join him for a "long easy swim" at that time. Since the water temperature is still in the mid-50's, I plan to sleep an extra hour, let the sun do its work, and then jump into water that's hopefully a degree or two warmer than what Rob and his Canadian-wanna-be's encounter, so I don't plan to be taking the plunge until 8:00! (And, for the record, if it's too damn cold to swim, I reserve the right to scream like a girl, jump out of the water, and go have coffee and donuts on the beach 'til the rest of you numb-nuts come back in!)

On a serious note, those of you who are "newbies" to open water swimming should know that YOU HAVE TO BE REALLY CRAZY TO SWIM WHEN THE WATER IS STILL THIS COLD!! So if you're not REALLY CRAZY, you should plan to wait to join us until the water temperature gets well into the 60's -- probably sometime in late June! We'll keep you posted on scheduled dates and times...See you in the Salt! -- Carol

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