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Sunday, October 04, 2009

October 4, 2009 Open Water Swim at a Foggy West Neck Beach

(Editor's Note: Thanks to Carol for this emailed description and pictures -- the WaterLog Group just keeps on swimming!)

The water at West Neck Beach was still shrouded in a dense fog at 8:00 this morning (pictures below), but at least it was warmer than it had been on Friday -- the air temperature was a practically-tropical 63 degrees and the water temperature probably somewhere around 60 degrees....Ken and I were joined in the swim (from beach to buoy?-what-buoy? and back) by Jim Imhof (making his 2009 debut in October swimming), and the Roger Clemens of open-water swimming, Rob Todd, who announced his retirement from OWS last Tuesday, and came out of retirement on Sunday to round out our foursome.

Little did we know, Rob had nothing on under that wetsuit, as we learned when he emerged from the water at the end of the swim, stripped-off wetsuit strategically wrapped around his nether regions, and commenced backing carefully out of the water towards the showers (I assume in deference to me, the only woman there). I swear, there is never a camera around when you need one! Nevertheless, that is an image that will live in my memory long into my rocking-away-on-the-porch-of-the-old-folks'-home days. Rob's unabashed comment: "You have no idea how good that felt!" That of course prompted Ken (the former and now-dethroned King of Naked on the Beach) to propose that we all shun bathing suits for a truly natural OWS group swim -- sometime next season, I'm guessing. Stay tuned for posts of a Pod-wide skinny-dip....Or not! Swimming again Wednesday? Anyone? -- Carol


  1. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Is anybody aiming for November or later this year?

  2. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Hey, why are these guys all wearing their clothes? Seriously, can't a girl get a cheap thrill these days?