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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Makamah Beach Open Water Swim: August 1, 2009

I don't know about the rest of you, but I was getting a bit sick and tired of all the rain that we have been getting -- June was almost a total washout and July was not much better. But then the sun came up on August 1, 2009 on Makamah Beach and almost made up for all those rainy days and nights. Long Island Sound was about as calm as it gets -- a perfect day for our first Open Water Swim test of the KickBoard Cam. Even if it didn't work as advertised, the swim conditions would more than make up for any disappointment!

A view from the path that leads from the parking lot to the beach.

Bob is on the path walking back to the lot after checking out the water.

Bob makes a last minute adjustment to the KickBoard Cam and we're ready to head back to the beach and into the water for the first Open Water Test of the KickBoard Cam.

It was really tough to find a spot to put our stuff on this beach!

We are in the waters of Long Island Sound...

Lined up and ready to start swimming...

If you turned your head to the right to breath when we headed East, this is what you got to look at... the houses lined up on Makamah Beach. If you looked left as we swam East you got to look for the Connecticut shoreline, (hard to see from in the water -- even on a clear day!). The return trip -- we swam Westbound so us right-side breathers got to check out all the houses. 

We are finishing up the swim.. below is the view South from the parking lot... lots and lots of marshland. 
Below is the video from our FIRST Open Water Swim Test of the KickBoard Cam. Thanks to Bob, my "engineer" for making the KickBoard Cam possible, (though lets work on a way to keep water drops OFF the lens!), and BIG Thanks to Carol for access to a great beach for our first OWS Test.

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  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Mike, your pictures and video really captured the beauty of the day....And how incredibly cool to have that water-level view! Congratulations to you and Bob on your technological achievement! What's next -- aerial-aqua-cam? -- Carol