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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jelly Fish OR the Mark of a Vampire? You Decide!

Well, my guess is that it was a Jelly Fish sting that got Rob on the neck. For one thing, the "bite mark" is in the wrong place to be from a vampire. As I remember from all those old horror movies, the bite is always toward the front of the neck, not towards the back of the neck. And, who has ever heard of an "Aquatic Vampire" -- (hmmm maybe there is a story idea there -- if so, I hereby trademark the phrase "Aquatic Vampire" today!) -- much less a vampire out in the water AND in Daylight? Nah. It had to have been a jelly fish.

"It got Rob right about here... with fangs the size of..."

Scott decided to shower off and get off the beach fast. Not that he was REALLY worried about "Aquatic Vampires" but better safe than sorry. 

Before you know it, Rob could be running into "Aquatic Zombies". (I won't trademark that name just yet but if you've got a story idea for "Aquatic Zombies" don't sit on it too long!

Jim was absolutely shocked, (check out the look on his face!), to learn that he may have actually been swimming with Vampires, Zombies and Jelly Fish.  Quick, sing after me; Vampires, Zombies and Jellies oh my! Vampires, Zombies and Jellies oh my! When you next see Jim, be sure to sing it for him. Greg did and it made him really happy!
With the threat of Vampires, Zombies and Jelly Fish over-running West Neck Beach in normally peaceful Huntington, the West Neck Beach lifeguards seriously considered closing the beach or at the very least the STEEL door to their office. Zombies can't break thru steel, can they? 

In all the excitement, it was amazing that we could get a smile and goodbye wave from Don. Even more amazing was the fact that the guy who started ALL the open-water craziness -- our official "Crazy Canadian" Rob was happy and smiling, (see picture below), after his close encounter with the Jelly Fish. Or was it a Vampire? You Decide!

Harry, thanks for the pictures. They were great. I take all the blame for the "story". Mike

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