Huntington Masters Swim Team

The Huntington Masters Swim Team ("HUMS"), an official club of US Masters Swimming, holds daily early-morning pool workouts year-round at the Huntington YMCA, 60 Main Street, Huntington (contact the Y at 631-421-4242 for Full Y membership fee information).

Indoor Pool Workouts in one of the Y’s two 25-yard pools begin at 5:30 a.m. weekdays and 7:00 a.m. weekends and last one to two hours. These workouts are open to all Full Y members.

Open-Water Swims are held from May to November at West Neck Beach and other local Long Island beaches. Outdoor swim schedules are posted on The Water-Blog.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Results of the NYC Triathlon 7-20-08

Name / age group/overall (by sex) / time

Karen Farrell / 12/162 / 2:35:39

Dawn Desimone 34/162 / 2:49:28

Steve Albright 44/155 / 2:49:43

Meredith Emsden 47/188 / 2:52:44

Brett Emsden 181/474 / 2:55:40

Mike Edebohls 258/413 / 3:11:34

Joe Pangia 350/411 / 3:12:50

Team Results:

Ken Longo, Greg Linakis / 6th men's

Tammie & Alan Topel / 11th coed

Friday, July 25, 2008

Montauk Lighthouse Sprint Triathlon results 7-13-08

Name /Overall /Division /Time

Greg Linakis 20 2 1:19:50
Don Bond 23 3 1:20:12
Howard Kohos 321 24 1:49:10
Lynn Perzsezty 71 7(o/a female) 1:27:56
Karen Farrell 72 8(o/a female) 1:28:03
Nancy Aboff 76 9(o/a female) 1:28:37
Dawn Desimone 116 2 1:33:04
Heather McCormick 520 4 1:37:08
Elizabeth Perlstein 255 10 1:44:23
Janette Newell 284 4 1:47:23
Liz Donroe 332 7 1:50:22
Peggy McGill 389 8 1:56:27
Jeanine Kata 394 23 1:57:21
Yolanda Velez 405 10 1:59:31
Joan Motherway 441 26 2:04:53

Lake Placid Ironman results 7-20-08

Name --------------------Time ----Age group --- Overall

Armand D'Amato 16:03:53 --- 25/32 --- 2068

Colleen McManus 14:22:41 --- 83/123 --- 1698

Mike McMorrow 13:37:36 --- 279/398 --- 1493

Doug Partrick 12:12:17 --- 82/268 --- 823

Thursday, July 17, 2008

2008 5-K in the Bay Eyewitness Report From Carol Moore

Here's MY take on the 2008 5-K in the Bay...I was a cheerleader this year rather than a swimmer since I wasn't tuned up to swim it...quite happily, as it turned out, once I learned from one of the boaters that there were MONSTER jellyfish out there!

EDITORS NOTE: The 2 Rob's pictured above are NOT the MONSTER jellyfish!

That wasn't the only disaster the swimmers had to contend with, though, as someone evidently forgot to mark the first turn! There was NO BOAT! I watched from the dock as some swimmers took the shortcut and turned at the last orange buoy, but the more dedicated ones just kept swimming, Looking for a turn-around boat that wasn't there! (it apparently had drifted practically to Northport Harbor!) So kudos to thosewho swam a 6-K race that day -- and got mauled by jellyfish in the bargain (Rob Martell and Rob Ripp among them!).

My camera lens locked up so I wasn't able to get a photo of Ken Longo coming in at a pretty quick clip,but I was able to shoot our favorite Canadian Rob Martell and his namesake,Rob Ripp, as they came in together at an impressive 1:40-something, but I can't help but think that "They was Robb-ed"! But there's always next year! Here are pictures of The Robs at the finish line, and above, a long-distance one of the turnaround boat that WAS there, manned by the other Rob, Bob Miller! EDITORS NOTE:See pictures from Bob's boat in story below.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some Shots From The 5K In The Bay (Huntington Bay That Is!)

Thanks and a tip of the Swim Cap to Bob Miller for these pictures. Bob explained that they were a little hard to get "as we were the turnaround boat and had to get their splits, numbers and hand out water...that's why the pictures show the swimmers so far away".

As a help to the swimmers, Bob put the float buoy up on his mast so it was easy to spot.

An escort Kayak and one lonely swimmer in the middle of Huntington Bay. But conditions were ideal unless, of course, you wanted to count the stinging Jellyfish that just happened to wander in on the course. See Rob's Jellyfish Story below and some tips on how to protect yourself from a very painful sting!

5K is a l-o-n-g swim but with views like this of a very deserted looking Huntington Bay, (could the price of fuel be part of the problem?), it might be time to start training for next year's 5K In The Bay. Start swimming NOW!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OWS July 15th to July 18th and JellyFish

It is worth noting to all those swimming this week , that the non-friendly Jellyfish are now present in the water off WNB or the LI Sound . A few ran into them on Wed/Thursday last week. On Sunday at the 5K race, the Medusa jellyfish came out in spades.

Not like the small and non-stinging types, these will sting. Please take care swimming over the next few weeks. Suntan lotion is said to reduce the chance of a sting on arms,face, etc. Vasaline helps as well. Clearly wetsuits help so it might be advisable to wear yours if you had been sans-suit.

Cure:? I have used Ammonia to good success on some bad stings on Sunday. I will be carrying Ammonia in my tool bag in case you happen to be swimming when I am.

I don't think it should stop plans for you to swim, just watch out while swimming for brownish/redish jellyfish. Their tenticles can go for a few feet so eyes open :) Goggles are a must IMO. A sting in the eye can cause serious problems.

Rougher waters do reduce their presence in the water so hoping for some wind this week.

OWS Dates :
Wed July 16th 5:45 am
Thur : Uncertain
Friday : 5:45 am

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

July 9, 2008 Early Morning Open Water Swim at West Neck Beach

Actually, the sun wasn't really up when we started our swim -- at least that was true for the 5:45 AM group who probably hit the water around 6 AM. Its not easy putting on a wetsuit while you're still yawning! But the fact that the sun greets us on our way back makes it all worthwhile.

Can you spot the swimmer above? Doesn't he/she look absolutly delighted with the dawn, the water, the swim and the day? Could one ask for a better start before heading off to work. Forget your winter blues -- it's July and the Open Water Swimming is wonderful!

The buoy that we most often swim to is in a straight line with the tip of land above, (sight off the right side of the yellow buoy), and about a half-a-mile as a fish swims -- in a straight line. But what swimmer or fish for that matter do you know that swims in a straight line?

Rich almost looks like he's wondering "Why do I run? -- I could be swimming like this every day!"

As you might guess, this is the roadway into West Neck Beach.

The "Safe-Swim" Area buoys are all lined up -- if only the buoys that we swam to were this close together!

Chris clutches his personal swim buoy as he happily findes his way back to the beach.

Jim and Rich are on their way back too!

Hey, not a bad swimming form for Mike -- your author! Note his gold Brooklyn Bridge swim cap from last years (2007) Brooklyn Bridge Swim.

Tim had a great swim and a big smile was his reward.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Route Map for Open Water Swim at West Neck Beach

Here is a Route Map of the 2 courses that are generally swum off West Neck Beach in Cold Spring Harbor. The Red Box 3 is labeled as Route 1 and is just a bit over one mile

It is swum out from the beach just in front of the Beach House -- we all kind of float around just beyond the beach buoys about 50 to 100 yards from shore and then when everyone is ready we head on down to the large yellow and white buoy at the far point of the triangle (bottom of the picture). Depending on wave/water conditions, (and your eyesight!),  this buoy can be hard to see until you get pretty close -- but if you aim for the tip of land jutting out beyond it, you can't miss! 

Route 2 -- shown as Red Box 2 is about a quarter mile PLUS longer at 1.3 miles. We swim out and to the north a bit (towards Long Island Sound) -- there is another large yellow and white buoy there, (top left corner of the triangle), which can really be seen from the beach before you get in the water. Once we get to that buoy then we swim to the bottom of the triangle buoy. Get your wet suit and join us!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Huntington Triathlon Club Shirt

The sizing kits are in at Bicycle Planet.  You all MUST go to the store and try on and order your shirt. There is a woman's specific top with a built in bra and a man's shirt with a zipper in the front.  Both have pockets in the back.  

The cost is $42.  A picture/drawing of the shirt is at left. 

The Bicycle Planet is located at 540 Jericho Turnpike, Syosset, NY 11791. Their phone number is: 516-364-4434. Store Hours: Mon -Fri 10-8:45 Sat 10-6; Sun 11-5.