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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jelly Fish Gets DQ’d at the Toby Triathlon. His Un-Sportsman-Like Action Was a BIG Disappointment To All His Fans

At first, it was all smiles when Jelly Fish was invited to join the Runner's Edge Team. It was, you know, a dream of Jelly's to Swim, Bike and Run with the best. Perhaps that was the real problem -- the pressure to be the best, just got to Jelly and he snapped -- at least as much as "Jelly" can "snap". It is probably more correct to say that Jelly "bent" under the pressure and was DQ'd when ...

That's right, believe it or not, and you have to believe it as the photo below clearly shows, our beloved Jelly Fish -- caught red-tentacled attempting to ride a souped-up, green Kawasaki in the Bike portion of the Tobay Tri. Race officials dashed in, stopped the bike and pulled Jelly off his Kawasaki before anyone was injured. One bystander reported hearing Jelly mutter, "I didn't hurt anybody in the Swim did I?"

After the "Bike Mis-Understanding" as Jelly would later call it, he was seen at various spots around the area...

Jelly Fish gazes longingly at the trophy he was no longer eligible for...

Jelly Fish drowns his sorrow and shame in a frosty Blue Point and declares it his new "very favorite beverage!".

Jelly watches, (with anger? with sadness??), as the triathletes on line get their printed results -- results that he'll never see in 2008. The lyrics of Billy Joel's hit song "Pressure" repeating over and over in his mind.
"You have to learn to pace yourself... PRESSURE... You're just like everybody else... (EDITORS NOTE: Jelly, You are NOT like everybody else), PRESSURE... You've only had to run so far, so good... But you will come to a place... Where the only thing you feel... Are loaded guns in your face... And you'll have to deal with... PRESSURE"
And, when the PRESSURE gets too much, what does Jelly Fish do? He waits in the Porta Potty line just like everybody else! Go Jelly Go -- we await your next big adventure.

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